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Anybody within Australia looking for a mechanic can locate them.
The person sees the number on a business card, website, car, etc and calls it
The caller is prompted to enter their postcode.
The call is directed to your chosen number.

What You Get
A great phone number
A 1300 word number is an effective way to get your Business branding into the market place. It makes remembering your number easy for existing customers and most place. It makes remembering your number easy for existing customers and most importantly, new word of mouth customers. You don’t want word of mouth opportunities to search for you online, or through the Yellow Pages. You have already done the hard work with these people; so have prospects come straight to you.

Powerful Marketing Tool
Every business has a marketing strategy! Some strategies are a lot better than others. A 1300 Word Number is a very professional way to advertise your company in any of your Marketing Strategies. Whether it is Word of Mouth, Yellow Pages, Your Website, Vehicles, Business cards, Brochures/Flyers, Local Newspapers, Billboards or Television, you only get one chance at a good first impression.

Low Cost Strategy – More Calls Means More Business
By using a 1300 Word Number for your Marketing strategies, as opposed to your customer service strategy, every incoming call is potential business. You will quickly realise, this number will pay for itself over and over again. Franchises can cost you tens of thousands of dollars, with no guarantee of success.

Long Term Success
Having a Smart Marketing Strategy allows your business long term sustainable success. More calls will give you more choice of customers you want to work with and also help grow the Value of your Business. It will allow you to be more confident with your pricing structure. You don’t need to be desperate to win every job.

Your Postcode – Your Number
Once you secure your postcode, it is yours forever, if you want it to be. All Inquiries from that postcode will be routed to your phone number. Every postcode in Australia will be advertising this number, so your number will become a household name. This number will become the face of your company.

Enhanced Call Control
You will have a number of flexible call options for receiving calls. Whether it is on your landline phone, your mobile phone or numerous other diversion options, we don’t want you to miss an opportunity.

We Help You Get The Most Of The Number
This will be a new and exciting approach to your business and we want you to be successful, as quickly as possible, so we will also provide you with some proven ideas to help market your Business, using a Word Number. These ideas are what many of other successful Businesses are using today.

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